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Nicaragua , Sunday 25 February 2018

News Nicaragua » Religion: HERB BENHAM: The miracle of us

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

My colleagues across Nicaragua offered prayers for my recovery ... is miraculous as is everything that happens including prayer and its outcome.” True religion, Alan believes, is Einstein’s idea that although we may live as if our thoughts and feelings ...

News Nicaragua » Religion: When Native Americans Were Slaves

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Publication date: uesday 13 February 2018

Yet after the Pequot War of 1637, Puritans shipped captured Pequots to bondage in a small Puritan community on the coast of Nicaragua called Providence ... they were indeed akin to the English (except in religion and civil government).


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Publication date: hursday 28 May 1981

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, May 21— ''Christ is here,'' Tomas Borge Martinez, the Sandinist Interior Minister, told a crowd one recent Sunday with a Jesuit priest standing pointedly at his side. ''Those who say He is coming want to justify the counterrevolution.

News Nicaragua » Religion: What Is 'La Purísima'? 11 Facts About Traditional Religious Celebration In Nicaragua [PHOTOS]

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Publication date: onday 07 December 2015

December is filled with many celebrations in Nicaragua and we're not only talking about Noche Buena and Año Nuevo. Though Christmas and New Years are wonderful holidays, December is also a month when Nicaragua celebrates one of its most widespread ...

News Nicaragua » Religion: 10 reasons why Nicaragua should be your next holiday destination

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

Chris Moss, our Latin America expert, explains: “Nicaragua has a unique cultural dimension, expressed through extraordinary religious fiestas, authentic folk music, thriving agricultural communities and the poems of ‘father of modernismo’ Rubén ...

News Nicaragua » Religion: On This Day: Cassius Clay TKO's Sonny 'The Bear' Liston

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Publication date: Saturday 24 February 2018

In 1990, Violeta Chamorro, the U.S.-backed candidate for the presidency of Nicaragua, scored an upset victory over ... was sworn in with a promise to continue fighting al-Qaida, calling it "a religious and national duty." He was run out of the country ...

News Nicaragua » Religion: Behind the Lens: A religious experience in Nicaragua

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Publication date: Sunday 03 February 2013

Years ago while I was windsurfing at Clinton Lake, I met three Kansas University students from Central America. They didn’t know English, but thanks to the license plate on my car (BMARLEY) that broke the ice, we became friends. We cooked together, I ...

News Nicaragua » Religion: Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is Having Religious Epiphany as Election Nears

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Publication date: hursday 18 August 2011

Yet despite that act and the addition of religious symbolism to the campaign, Ortega still has a strained relationship with much of the Catholic hierarchy in Nicaragua. Some Catholic leaders whom he alienated during his socialist government of the 1980s ...

News Nicaragua » Religion: Nicaragua Heeds Evangelicals (Not Catholics) on Missionary Restrictions

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 September 2016

But Nicaragua’s presidential advisor for policy and international affairs, Denis Moncada, said that wasn’t true. “At no time the state has seen pastors or religious leaders as a threat,” he told Evangelical Focus. “What we said, as our ...

News Nicaragua » Religion: Religious protection legislation names ECHS’s Small

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Publication date: hursday 01 February 2018

several other complaints against Georgia schools by the Freedom From Religion Foundation are mentioned. A complaint was lodged against Heritage High School in Catoosa County for partnering with Nicamerican Missions to send students to Nicaragua to build a ...