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Nicaragua , Sunday 25 February 2018

News Nicaragua » Masaya: Wheel Adventures: Escaping winter in Nicaragua's historic Granada

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Publication date: Friday 23 February 2018

I really like Granada. It’s a safe, pleasant, Spanish Colonial town on the shores of the giant freshwater Lago Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua), sandwiched between two active volcanoes: Volcán Mombacho and Volcán Masaya. Nicknamed “the Great Sultan” in ...

News Nicaragua » Masaya: Nicaragua's Pueblos Blancos Offer Arts and Witchcraft

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Publication date: Friday 23 February 2018

But whereas Granada is a city on the go that bustles, Los Pueblos Blancos represent a side of Nicaragua that moves at a more leisurely ... Perched on the rim of the Volcan Masaya, it offers a spectacular (though often blustery) view of the blue crater ...

News Nicaragua » Masaya: How Sam Cossman Makes a Living Jumping into Volcanoes

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

“Before Nicaragua and I ever had a chance to communicate about this ... The most important thing to come out of the Masaya volcano trip wasn’t the jazzy interactive website that GE built around the expedition—known as Digital Volcano—or even ...

News Nicaragua » Masaya: Conquering Nicaragua's mighty volcanoes... and descending on a makeshift sandboard

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Publication date: uesday 22 January 2013

Fumes with a view on Masaya (2,083ft) There are easier ways to visit a volcano in Nicaragua than by hauling yourself up with blood, sweat and tears. For the ultimate in volcano-in-a-day laziness you simply hitch a lift. Masaya is unique in that it has a ...

News Nicaragua » Masaya: National Geographic To Film Documentary About Masaya Volcano In Nicaragua [VIDEO]

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Publication date: onday 28 March 2016

National Geographic is sending a team of explorers, scientists and film directors to tell the story of the Masaya volcano in Nicaragua via a documentary. The news made local headlines earlier this month, when Rosario Murillo, coordinator of the ...

News Nicaragua » Masaya: As Nicaragua elections approach, banned opposition decries Ortega’s budding dictatorship

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Publication date: Sunday 04 September 2016

MASAYA, Nicaragua — Protesters circled around the iconic statue of San Jerónimo that leads into the city of Masaya, a half-hour south of the Nicaraguan capital Managua, as they bellowed out chants of “democracy, yes! dictatorship, no!” and “a ...

News Nicaragua » Masaya: THE WORLD: Nicaragua; Pushed From Left or Right, Masaya Balks

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Publication date: Saturday 27 February 1988

MASAYA, Nicaragua— SANDINISTA army recruiters swept through neighborhoods of Nicaragua's towns and villages in the last month, stopping buses and lying in wait outside cinemas. Sometimes they used force as they rounded up young men for military service ...

News Nicaragua » Masaya: 10 reasons why Nicaragua should be your next holiday destination

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Publication date: onday 22 January 2018

Nicaragua’s Pueblos Blancos are a chain of neat little white towns on the plateau between Granada and Masaya. Look out for cool, shady plazas and beautifully kept churches, often dressed with velvet and lace for the fiesta of a patron saint. That’s ...

News Nicaragua » Masaya: Masaya, Nicaragua 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

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